Global temperatures are warmer now than in thousands of years, species are going extinct more than a thousand times faster than normal and suddenly the COVID-19 pandemic has spiked the death and hospitalizations rate to unimaginable levels. As of this 2020 writing, humankind has less than a decade to turn things around. Scientists in overwhelming numbers have warned us that if dramatic change fails to occur by 2030, various tipping points will be triggered, causing irreversible declines in life support systems that will lead to the end of civilization as we know it.

There are a number of ways to achieve required change and the Voice of the Streets is the one with the most historic success that offers us the most hope. The inspiration for taking to the streets often begins in song and Silver City’s Jeff Ray’s tune does it better than most.


Living in a world turned upside down

It's not the first time trouble's come around

One little ripple in any one place

Spreads trouble like a virus through the whole human race


The planet's getting smaller with every passing day

Too many people is the current world's way

With so many souls just trying to survive

A day that tips the balance will certainly arrive


Living in a world turned upside down

It's not the first time trouble's come around

Living in times when uncertainties abound

What're we gonna do to help it settle down

What're we gonna do to help it turn around

Salvaging a world turned upside down


It's been said before something's gotta give

Sustainability is a better way to live

With greed at the core grabbing for more

The challenge lies before us to reach that distant shore


To reach that distant shore with justice for all

Where taking is eclipsed by giving's humble call

Whether we can make it is yet to be seen

Prepare the gate to open for a new awakening