Ranch Music

We occasionally have travelers on the Continental Divide Trail stop by for a drink, eats or sometimes music. The musicians who are named are friends, the unnamed are travelers.
The trail runs 3,100 miles between Chihuahua, New Mexico and Alberta, Canada. We’ve seen travelers on foot, bikes, motorcycles, horses, donkeys and even this carriage. We once came upon a man and woman on the ranch just waking up from a night’s sleep. We invited them to the headquarters for a snack and learned that they started out in Canada with their spouses, one who became ill and the other injured leaving the survivors to travel on to Mexico as a traveling pair.


Image: Lady in Carriage Traveling Continental Divide Trail


 Our friend Dennis O’Keefe of the Silver City Bookshop and daughter Gabriella.


Long-time friend Penna Joseph, Tempe, Arizona

Canadian traveler, Ben Harper’s Waiting on an Angel

Daniel Gold was here for six weeks with The Peregrine Fund feeding the Aplomado falcons and made this “danjo” from a cookie tin, wood, bone found on the ranch and strings he brought with him.

Penna again with some sorry back-up.

Dennis again at the bookshop trying to teach me to play the guitar, something far beyond my skill-set and abandoned.

Dreadlocks, an AK-47 and then some.