Scholars at the Ranch

Drs. and Professors Emeritus Carl Bock (Ornithologist) and Jane Bock (Botanist, upon retirement, a Forensic Botanist), February 2008.

Drs. Charlie Painter (Herpetologist, since diseased) and Randy Jennings (Herpetologist, Professor Emeritus) of Western New Mexico University, Silver City, New Mexico, July 2017.

Ellen Soles, Hydrologist, May 2020.

Dr and Professor Emeritus Clifford Ferris (our Moth Man, Electrical Engineering), University of Wyoming, May 2009.

Dr. Wiebke Bowing, Professor of Aquatic Ecology, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation at New Mexico State University, Los Cruces, New Mexico

Archaeologist Dr. Bob Hard (second from right) and colleagues, University of Texas, May 2012.

Dr. Amy Ganguli (Range Ecologist), New Mexico University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, March 2015.

Archaeologist Dr. Karen Schollmeyer (on the right) and colleagues, Archaeology Southwest, Tucson, Arizona, June, 2017.

Dr. Dale Zimmerman, Professor Emeritus, Southern New Mexico University and “Saint” Marian (she gave up her singing career for Dale’s career) in 1999, before we moved to the ranch. Before retirement, Dale often brought his students to the ranch for study and visited frequently. He painted this picture of birds commonly found on the ranch.